“my job’s great! I’m just craving more freedom, and the flexibility to be anywhere I want … whenever I want.”


You’re a Customer Success gal, workin’ hard, building your career. You probably like your boss and your teammates, and you love the work you’re doing, but you’re desperate to get out of the office.

Maybe you’ve already started your job search, but you’re on the brink of giving up (getting depressed) because you’re applying to a ton of companies, and you never hear back. Or maybe you’re overwhelmed with the process and don’t even know where to begin.

Well, that's exactly what I do ... all day every day!

My passion is helping Customer Success superwomen transition from a commute and a cubicle to an anywhere career.

You just need someone to_ show you how to find the best jobs, help you show employers you’re the best candidate (whether you already have remote experience or not), and teach you how to nail those virtual interviews, (2).png

I’m Wendy Pochop, a Remote Career Strategist + Freedom Coach, and I’ve spent more than a decade building kick-a$$ remote Customer Success teams, hiring and onboarding the best of the best, before switching my focus to helping professionals find and land remote jobs of their own.

I’ve found that most women have the skills and the drive they need to work remotely, but most don’t make the transition because they’re paralyzed. They worry it won’t work out, they don’t know how to get started, and they’re scared they can’t rise above all of the competition.

If that’s you … you’re in the right place!

I’m offering a 60 minute complimentary Escape the Cubicle blueprint session to set the foundation for a successful job transition strategy.

Ready to reclaim your work-life balance and introduce more freedom into your life?